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★ You may be cited for improper safety equipment on your car if __________

Question: You may be cited for improper safety equipment on your car if __________
  you do not have safety glazed windshields and/or if you have a crack in your windshield.
  your headlights and / or tail lights are not functional.
  both of the above.

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both of the above.
Explanation: It is against the law to drive with any defective brake lights, or defective or obstructed windshield or rear window.

  • You should consult your vehicle owner’s manual to find out if you need a locking clip or other safety equipment to properly install the child safety seat.
  • Getting cited for speeding more than 16 m.p.h. over the speed limit will result in ____ points on your license.
  • You may be cited for improper safety equipment on your car if blank
  • Bicyclists must obey the same rules and regulations as motorists, and can be cited for violations.
  • You may be cited for driving at the posted speed limit.
  • It is unlawful in the State of Florida for any person, ______________________, to be a passenger in the front seat of a motor vehicle unless such person is restrained by a safety belt.
  • Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license
  • Generally, children under __________ and about 1 year of age should ride in a safety seat secured to the back seat, facing the rear of the vehicle.
  • Safety belts are designed to allow the areas of your body to absorb the forces of a crash.
  • Brakes are not important to the safety of a motor vehicle.
  • It is not your responsibility as a driver to make sure that all children are properly restrained or secured with a safety belt in your vehicle.

Start learning how to drive your car safely, maintain car properly, Alcohol and Drugs abuse, driving judgment and impairment.