Q - About one in __________ young drivers believes using recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, speed, or ecstasy does not affect their driving.

Question: About one in __________ young drivers believes using recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, speed, or ecstasy does not affect their driving.

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The number of young people who drink and the way they drink results in harm to self and others including: ___________
Young people who began drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence during their lifetime than those who began drinking at age ___________ or later.
Approximately __________ of teens report to having tried marijuana in their lifetime.
True or False: For young people, it is more likely that they will drive too slow after drinking because of their natural risk-taking propensities.
Alcohol is considered a recreational beverage.
Graduated licensing has been shown to reduce crashes among young drivers.
If the vehicle in which a child five years of age or younger is riding in is not registered in Florida, the state's child restraint laws do not apply.
In Florida, children 5 years of age or younger must be seated in a child restraint system meeting federal standards.
True or False: Many young drivers don't believe there are risks associated with marijuana use.
When the use of a drug goes beyond recreational or occasional, the use has turned to ___________.
Alcohol does not affect the discretion of the driver.
Common effects of cocaine include __________.
People who smoke cocaine are at risk for increased breathing problems like bronchitis and pneumonia due to irritation and inflammation of the tissues in your breathing tract.
The long-term effects of cocaine are __________ the short-term effects.
___________ like cocaine and amphetamines, affect a person's perception, mood and attention span, and can make the person over-confident and more likely to take risks behind the wheel.
A person using cocaine has the illusion of being alert and stimulated, _______________.
Marijuana components are water-soluble and traces do not remain in the body for weeks.
After consuming marijuana driver mistakenly believe their driving performance is improved.
________________ affect the amount and rate of the alcohol reaches the bloodstream.
Alcohol and other drugs affect the nerve cells within the brain
The most dramatic effects of cocaine on driving are _____________.
It takes about one hour per beer consumed to completely burn up the alcohol ingested.
When drivers have no control over their driving environment and are stuck in traffic, the lack of control over the traffic event is frustrating and often leads to anger vented towards _________________.
If a person refuses for a second or subsequent time to submit to a chemical or physical test their driving privilege will be suspended for eighteen months.
Alcohol and other drugs alter mood and affect the mind by interfering with the central nervous system’s signal system.

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