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Q - Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes take the lives of our friends or family every _____________ minutes.

Question: Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes take the lives of our friends or family every _____________ minutes.

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Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes take the lives of our friends or family every 45 minutes.

In 2006, the estimated economic cost of alcohol-related crashes in the U.S. was around ___________ (including monetary costs and insurance claims).
More than ______ percent of traffic deaths in the US were related to alcohol.
True or False: In Florida, the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths increased in 2008 compared to 2007.
A family history of substance abuse/dependence has a significant impact on the functioning of individuals with substance dependence.
Addictions may _______________ friends and family.
In Florida, more than __________ crashes are alcohol related.
Alcohol-related collisions cost the American public about 114___________ dollars per year.
More than ___________ percent of the people killed in alcohol-related crashes in the US were drivers with a B.A.C of .08 or higher.
It is not only the individual who has been drinking or using drugs who can be the victim of a crash. In America, _________________ people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some time in their lives. Many of these people will be sober.
Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes take the lives of our friends or family every _____________ minutes.
As members of the family try to cope with the chronic stress of the user/abuser, they become ______ disturbed.
Many people with addictions feel that the use of alcohol or other substances give them a sense of control when their lives feel most out of control.
At least 19,000 people per year die from illicit drug use and related ___________.
In a single day, ________ people’s lives are affected simply by driving a motor vehicle.
As an individual, you really have no impact on whether or not a friend or family member chooses to drink and drive.
Alcohol-related crashes in the United States cost the public an estimated _____ in 2000.
Close to ______ of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol:
Each year about _________ people die in Alcohol related crashes.
About 31% of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol.
In 2008, speeding-related crashes accounted for 31% of all fatal crashes with a staggering figure of 11,674.
In Florida in 2006, 32.6% of traffic fatalities and 8.9% of traffic crashes were alcohol related.
The relative proportion of speeding-related crashes to all crashes decreases with increasing driver age.
If you are convicted of a DUI, this event will have an impact on your family.
True or Flase: Alcohol or drug addiction affects the entire family
___________ happens when people cross that line and drink or use drugs at a level that causes problems in one or more areas of their lives.
Alcohol-related crashes cost the public more than $__________ billion in Florida.
There were more than __________ alcohol-related fatalities in motor vehicle crashes in the 20-24 age group in Florida in 2012.
Indirect costs from alcohol related crashes cost society approximately_______ billion dollars annually.
___________ is the best way to help the alcoholic and the family.
Society pays the costs of alcohol related collisions either directly through public assistance or indirectly through higher insurance and health costs.

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