Q - Alcohol in excess of ________-proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach.

Question: Alcohol in excess of ________-proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach.

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The higher the alcohol the slower it will absorb in the stomach and in the body. Alcohol will pass more slowly through the stomach if you've eaten recently, allowing for more of it to be broken down before it reaches the liver, so eating before or while drinking really does slow down your buzz. And that's a good thing! Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach and intestines, which brings on nausea or vomiting, delays alcohol absorption and prevents it from entering the small intestine.
The amount of alcohol in distilled liquor is known as proof. Proof refers to the amount of alcohol in the liquor; for example, 60 proof liquor contains 30% alcohol, 50-proof=25% alcohol and 40-proof=20% alcohol.

what alcohol proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach?
Within __________ minutes after a drink is consumed, all of the alcoholic content has probably been absorbed into the body.
Alcohol in excess of 30-proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach.
True or False: Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can cause you to get drunk faster.
Alcohol causes the stomach to produce excess stomach acid.
The amount of ethyl alcohol in a 12 oz. beer, a 5 oz. glass of wine or a 1.5 oz. shot of 80 proof whiskey are:
True or Flase: Alcohol is one of the fastest substances absorbed by the body.
What percentage of alcohol is absorbed by the small intestine?
Alcohol can damage your liver, esophagus, stomach pancreas and heart
The amount of alcohol in a 1.5 oz. shot of 80 proof whiskey, a 5 oz. Glass of wine and a 12 oz. Beer are_______.
Different beverages may be absorbed at slightly different rates because of __________.
Alcohol affects brain cells, your liver, stomach, and kidneys.
For alcohol, proof is double the alcoholic percentage of a beverage.
Specialty drinks like a Long Island Ice Tea contain multiple shots of 80 proof alcoholic beverages.
A carbonated drink is absorbed slower by the body because the carbonation.
Alchol can pass directly into the bloodstream from the mouth or stomach.
True or False: Alcohol can damage your liver, esophagus, stomach pancreas and heart.
Once alcohol has passed into the large intestine it is______absorbed into the bloodstream.
Drinking alcohol while using aspirin can_______your chance of getting stomach ulcers.
Alcohol does not need to be digested in order to be absorbed by the body.
If the stomach is empty, absorption will be more rapid and the effects of alcohol would be more severe than if the stomach were full.
People who smoke cocaine are at risk for increased breathing problems like bronchitis and pneumonia due to irritation and inflammation of the tissues in your breathing tract.
Alcohol is absorbed by the body much faster than food because ___________.
The reason for the standard of .08 as the "presumption of impairment" is because everybody acts the same way under the influence of alcohol.
If a drug user stops taking a drug and the body fails to function normally because it has adjusted to compensate for the presence of the drug that user is experiencing __________
True or False: Alcohol has to be digested by the stomach and intestines before the full effects are felt.

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