★ An impulsive risk is not based on emotion.

Question: True or false: An impulsive risk is not based on emotion.

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combining severe emotional pain with substance use or abuse would contribute to crash risk
what emotional reactions can crashes trigger in you
The depressant effect of alcohol does not interfere with the conduction of the electrical impulse of the heartbeat.
Serotonin is related to the modulation of mood and impulse control.
Control of mood and impulse is of central significance in alcoholism and other addictive disorders.
Traffic crashes do not trigger powerful emotional reactions within you.
When you are emotionally distressed, you should take a moment and recognize your anger for what it is, some hurt, real or imagined.
Emotional distress can be associated with ___________.
When you are emotionally distressed, what can you do to relieve this stress?
With emotional distress risen to the point of violence, your mind is not capable of rational function.
With severe emotional pain, the driver could turn to substance_______ to hide emotional pain.
If you are by nature an impulsive risk-taker, then one hopes that you take care to monitor yourself while driving in traffic. If there is an addictive personality, it involves an impulsive, risk-taking, and unstable personality type.
Police and paramedics are emotionally effect by collisions.
Many drivers get into collisions because they do not realize the risk involved in any given driving situations.
Depressants may reduce the effectiveness of your immune system making it easier for you to catch a cold and you may be at greater risk for developing cancer.
___________ like cocaine and amphetamines, affect a person's perception, mood and attention span, and can make the person over-confident and more likely to take risks behind the wheel.
A calculated risk is intellectual in nature.
Risk-taking has been shown to be affected at a BAL of __________.
_____________ who share the road with an impaired driver are at risk.
A __________ can cause a driver to take risky chances or make bad choices.
True or False: For young people, it is more likely that they will drive too slow after drinking because of their natural risk-taking propensities.
People who smoke cocaine are at risk for increased breathing problems like bronchitis and pneumonia due to irritation and inflammation of the tissues in your breathing tract.

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