★ ___________ like Valium, affect judgment, vision and hand-eye coordination.

Question: ___________ like Valium, affect judgment, vision and hand-eye coordination.
  Illegal drugs
  Prescription drugs,
  Over-the-counter medications,

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Prescription drugs,

Prescription medications such as Xanax and Valium may have a tranquilizing effect that can impair judgment and reaction times.
A bal of .055 can reduce the field of vision by __________.
An impaired driver’s decision-making and hand-eye coordination are slowed by alcohol and other drugs.
Vision can be affected by drugs and alcohol making __________ especially difficult to distinguish.
Hand-eye coordination, walking, and balance, also known as ________________, are adversely affected by alcohol.
The first area of the brain affected by alcohol is the area that controls ___________.
__________ is critical to safe driving.
Hallucinogens improve coordination, concentration and attention.
In the case of distance judgment, the brain receives __________ from the two eyes.
One of the first things effected by alcohol is ___________
Double vision can be the result of _________________.
With the use of marijuana you are in state of altered perception, distance, time, memory and physical coordination.
High doses of barbiturates result in drowsiness, motor impairment, sluggishness, incoordination, difficulty in thinking, slurred speech (slowness of speech), irritability, poor judgement and mental confusion.
Prescription medicines can impair a driver’s judgement and slow reaction times.
Alcohol increases ___________ especially if the eyes are closed.
Drowsiness affects your senses, especially your __________.
Alcohol_______judgment, muscle coordination, peripheral vision, night vision and complex reaction time.
The most dramatic effects of cocaine on driving are _____________.
________________ is one of the first adverse aspects of use of alcohol.
For some people, alcohol can cause an uncontrolled __________ of the eyes, making good vision almost impossible.
valium, affect judgment, vision and hand-eye coordination drug
As you use alcohol, a person will feel an_______in confidence by experience a decrease in coordination.
Loss of ___________ means alcohol users are less likely to compensate for their other losses, such as impaired vision and slower reaction time, by driving more carefully.
When you detect your emotions dominating your judgment and actions, you should practice a technique called __________________________.
Driving the driver While ______ will alter substantially criterion judgment when behind the wheel.
Prescription medicines have warning labels that warn the driver not to operate a motor vehicle as they can cause drowsiness, light-headedness, slower reaction times and impaired judgment.

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