★ Research shows smoking pot affects ______; these are skills required for safe driving.

Question: Research shows smoking pot affects ______________________; these are skills required for safe driving.
  reaction time
  all of the above

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all of the above

Smoking crack brings the vapors directly into the lungs where it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.
Research indicates that the MOST important factor in influencing drug use among ADOLESCENTS is:
Smoking tobacco products can damage your eye’s retina’s ability to contract and expand.
With some exceptions, epidemiological studies indicate the presence of THC in roughly __________ of drivers injured or killed in traffic collisions.
Studies have shown that driving after drug use was more common among drivers who were ________________.
Students over the age of 14 who accumulate ___________ unexcused absences in a period of 90 calendar days be ineligible to receive or maintain driving privileges.
A drinking driver may be able to steer or brake adequately, but studies have shown ____________________ ?
Research shows smoking pot affects these are skills required for safe driving
In recent studies, ___________________ was the most widely used illicit drug by drivers who "drug and drive".
Studies have found that a person is most likely to be involved in a fatal crash with an impaired driver during the hours of ________________.
Each year, college students spend __________ on alcohol.
Research shows that smoking pot affects a person´s focus, concentration, perception as well as his/her coordination and reaction time while driving. It has been discovered that smoking pot could significantly impair the ability of a person to drive safely which means impair judgement. Smoking pot impair driving skills, because, it affect one's brain in diverse ways resulting in different abnormal reactions of the body system which greatly reduce one's ability to concentrate on driving successfully and chances of being involved in a car accident increased enormously. It might also affects drivers ability to perceive time and distance. Hence the above mentioned skills are required for safe driving.
The initial Sugeon General’s report that concluded “cigarette smoking is a cause of lung cancer” was published in:
Smoking marijuana has no effect on a drivers judgement, caution or concentration.
Recent NHTSA research indicates an overall fatality reducing effectiveness for air bags to be ______.
Drivers should let outside distractions deter them from safe driving habits.
People who smoke cocaine are at risk for increased breathing problems like bronchitis and pneumonia due to irritation and inflammation of the tissues in your breathing tract.
Every year ______ die from smoking
safety belts usually consist of a lap belt and
true or false: drowsiness affects your senses, especially your sense of smell.
Planning and research are not involved in the establishment of traffic laws.
__________ is critical to safe driving.
Using alcohol to manage stress is a _____ coping skill.
You can operate a motor vehicle safely without the skills that you lose after using alcohol and other drugs.
Research shows smoking pot affect blank these are skills required for safe driving
While using the HTS, ________________ will help maintain a safe driving environment despite high speeds and a large number of other road users.
About ___________ percent of those who try in any one year to quit smoking cigarettes on their own actually succeed.
The amount of tar inhaled by marijuana smokers and the level of carbon monoxide is ________ than among tobacco smokers.
What percentage of cigarette smokers quit and are successful
Which of the following medications is sometimes used as a smoking cessation aide:
Many individuals with addictions are_______ to initiate new problem solving skill when faced with the ongoing challenges of life.

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