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★ Safety belts usually consist of a lap belt and __________.

Question: Safety belts usually consist of a lap belt and __________.
  A head restraint
  Arm restraints
  A shoulder belt
  An air bag

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A shoulder belt

the distance you travel from seeing the danger to putting your foot on the brake pedal is known as
All vehicle occupants under the age of __________ must be restrained by a safety belt or by a child restraint device, regardless of seating position.
The driver of a motor vehicle is responsible to ensure that a child is properly restrained in a child safety seat or seat belt as required.
Many of the injuries and deaths children sustain in motor vehicle crashes can be avoided with the correct use of child safety seats and safety belts.
Properly worn safety belts means with both straps snugly fit to transfer the impact of the collision to the parts of your body that can withstand it, your hip and shoulder bones.
Recent NHTSA research indicates an overall fatality reducing effectiveness for air bags to be ______.
safety belts usually consist of a lap belt and
Safety belts are designed to allow the areas of your body to absorb the forces of a crash.
Without the lap belt, your body will simply pivot around the shoulder restraint and continue forward.
Air bags are supplemental protection and work best with seat belts.
Child safety seat installation can be ______ due to the variety of seat belt configurations, vehicle and child safety seat designs.
Federal law prohibits dealers, repair shops or anyone else from disabling an air bag.
People who wear their shoulder belt under their arm may have _____ in the event of a collision
Air bags used in conjunction with the lap and shoulder belts offer the most effective safety protection available today for passenger vehicle occupants.
In a crash without the use of the lap belt, your body will simply pivot around the shoulder restraint and continue forward.
If you have automatic seatbelts, be sure to ______ your lap belt.
It is not your responsibility as a driver to make sure that all children are properly restrained or secured with a safety belt in your vehicle.
If a law enforcement officer stops a vehicle for a traffic violation and finds a front seat passenger 17 years of age or younger not wearing a seat belt, a seat belt violation will be charged to
In a car crash, wearing a seat belt
safety belts usually consist of a lap belt and blank
In a vehicle equipped with dual air bags, the safest place for infants, children and small adults is in the_____ seats
The top excuse for not wearing your seat belt is:
When a child is 6 and older and large enough they can use an adult seat belt.
If it is not possible to sit in the rear seats, small adults should sit as far back from the air bag as possible.
Air bags are not designed to offer protection from crashes from the rear and side.
In a crash test using dummies without seat belts, at 25 MPH, the dummy had half its head taken off by the rear view mirror.

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