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Chapter 5. Societal and Economic Costs: Part 3

Florida Drug and Alcohol Test (TLSAE) Course: Chapter 5. Societal and Economic Costs

5.3. Risk to Sober Drivers

Section 5.3. Risk to Sober Drivers

When a person chooses to drink alcohol and drive, there is a risk to sober drivers and their passengers as well as to impaired drivers and their passengers. The actions taken by impaired drivers on the road impact sober drivers. An impaired driver swerving down the road toward a sober driver creates a hazardous situation. The sober driver reacts to avoid hitting the impaired driver; this could result in the sober driver losing control of their vehicle and spinning out of control, across the road, and onto the shoulder, and even to the vehicle rolling over. The impaired driver has caused a crash by choosing to drive under the influence, even though the impaired driver's vehicle may not have collided with the sober driver's vehicle.

It's a simple fact that when people drink and drive, they could injure or kill themselves, an innocent bystander or both. The decisions we make can have an impact on others, whether that is our intention or not.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Test (TLSAE) Course:

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