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Chapter 7. Major Traffic Laws - Part 2

Florida Drug and Alcohol Test (TLSAE) Course: Chapter 7. Major Traffic Laws - Part one

7.2. Point System - Suspension, Revocation and Cancellation

Section 7.2. Point System - Suspension, Revocation and Cancellation

How many points do you get on your driving record for specific offenses? Here are some of the more common violations.

THREE POINTS are assigned for:
  • Unlawful speed - 15 mph or less over lawful or posted speed limit.
  • Parking on the highway.
  • Littering: on public roads or highways, state-owned lakes or waterways, or any private property.
  • Driving during restricted hours.
  • Violation of curfew.
  • Child restraint violation.
FOUR POINTS are assigned for:
  • Unlawful speed - 16 mph or more over lawful or posted speed limit.
  • Reckless driving.
  • A moving violation, not involving unlawful speed, which results in a collision.
  • Passing a stopped school bus.
  • Violation of a traffic control signal/sign/device.
SIX POINTS are assigned for:
  • Unlawful speed resulting in a collision.
  • Leaving the scene of a collision where there is more than $50 in property damage.
Just about every other moving violation will result in three points on a license.

You could be ticketed for a moving violation for:
  • Changing lanes without using your signal lights.
  • Failing to signal when passing another vehicle.
  • Driving under 50 MPH on a highway where the speed limit is 70 MPH.
  • A stereo system that can be heard from more than 25 feet away.
  • Operating a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt.
  • Operating a motor vehicle with any passengers under 18 that are not properly restrained (seat belt, car seat etc.). The driver is held responsible for the failure of any passenger to wear his/her seat belt.

Your driver's license must be revoked, if you are found guilty of the following:

You could face mandatory revocation of your license as a result of
1. Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances
2. Not stopping to give help at the scene of an accident when the vehicle you are driving is involved in a crash
3. Lying about the ownership of a motor vehicle
4. Three convictions of reckless driving within one year
5. An immoral act in which a motor vehicle was used
6. Three major offenses, or 15 total offenses, in 5-years Voluntary or involuntary vehicular manslaughter
7. A felony in which a motor vehicle is used.

Florida License Plate

Florida law states that the word Florida, the registration decal and your alphanumeric designation must be clearly visible.

FACTS and FIGURES 2008 - 2009

These are statistics obtained from the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.

Licensed Drivers Florida 15,827,683

Citations Issued 5,606,279

Licenses Revoked DUIs 54,002

Total Licenses Revoked 130,374

Total Licenses Canceled 17,858

Total Licenses Suspended 1,922,789

As you can see, many people get citations. There's plenty of room for improvement. By improving your driving abilities, not only will you avoid getting points on your license, you'll save money on insurance and the actual costs of the citation.


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