DONE - Florida DMV Approved Learners Permit Course

Florida State Required 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course

Before you can take the DMV written exam, the State of Florida requires all first time drivers to complete a learners permit course called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse and Education Course (also known as TLSAE or DATA).

Everyone who wants to take the permit test must first complete a drug and alcohol driving test and course. You could take this course online, so you don’t have to sit in one of those boring driving school classrooms. You don't have to listen to teachers tell you what to do all week long in school.

Traffic law and substance abuse education course

This course is accessible from any computer that has an internet connection, so you can work on it all from the comfort of my own home. You can able to come and go as you wanted because it made it really easy to fit it around your schedule. Most of the classroom-based courses you found required you to follow their schedule, which would have totally messed with my normal routine.

This Florida drug and alcohol test and course are divided into eight units and each one has really fun features in it. These videos and animations made the course fly by and they also provided me with some fun.

Florida DMV Approved - Drug & Alcohol Course Online

If you are getting your drivers license for the first time, the State of Florida requires all applicants to complete and pass a learners permit course called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse and Education (TLSAE) Course. You are required to complete this course before you apply for your drivers license. The online course is four hours and you can take the course  at YOUR convenience from the privacy of your home. You will learn about Florida traffic laws, the affect of drugs and alcohol on a driver's ability to drive, and safe driver techniques.

Includes Everything You Need & Guarantee You'll Pass!
  • State Required Course for Florida Learners Permit
  • Drug and Alcohol Course for Learner's Permit
  • Florida DMV Written Exam Online
  • New Driver Guide for Parents

Florida Drug and Alcohol Test Online

You might be thinking that taking a drug and alcohol driving test and course would be the worst thing ever, but doing it online actually fast and easy to get your Florida learner's permit.

Plus, taking this course qualified you to take your permit exam online too, so all your friends are still waiting for their appointment at the DHSMV, but you’re driving already!

As soon as you complete the Florida Drug & Alcohol Course, your next step is to complete the DMV written exam. (see all required documentation).

Before you head to the DMV office, make sure you have all of the following required documents to get your learners permit:
  • Certificate of Completion proof that you finished a 4 hour Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course
  • One primary and one secondary form of identification, which must be original or certified
  • Social Security Number, if issued
  • Parental Consent Form, which must be signed in the presence of a driver license examiner or notarized if parent or guardian will not be present.