Florida Drug and Alcohol test traffic school course for Learners Permit / driver's license is approved by Florida DMV. Complete your A.D.A.P.T.-Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training, TLSAE- traffic law and substance abuse education, D.A.T.A- Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Awareness Course, also known as the Florida first time drivers ed course online, go for DHSMV exam and pass it, and obtain your Florida Learner's Permit. Start learning how to drive safely on road.

Florida DMV Drug and Alcohol Exam/test questions and answers

1. Controls at railroad crossings include:
Flashing green lights
Crossing guards
Crossing gates

2. Do not park more than _______ away from the curb.
Six inches
Six feet
Ten feet
One foot

3. If you see an emergency vehicle approaching either from the front or rear you should:
Stop right where you are
Let the vehicle pass then match their speed
Pull over to the curb and stop
Speed up and out run the emergency vehicle

4. True or False: The ability to process information and multi-task continues to diminish with every drink.

5. If your BAL is .10, you can expect a __________ drop in complex performance compared to the sober level.

6. You can obtain a disabled parking placard from your county:
Tax collector
Chief physician
Sheriff's office
Medical examiner

7. If you are going 55 mph, you will need more than _____________ feet to safely pass another vehicle.

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8. True or False: A 24 year old motorcycle driver would not be required to wear protective eyewear when riding in Florida.

9. If you are involved in a violation and you do not have insurance to comply with the __________________, your driver license and/or license plates will be suspended for up to three years.
Financial Responsibility Law
Driver Safety Law
Federal requirement

10. True or False: Alcohol and drug abuse only affects intoxicated individuals.

11. If you are walking along a highway, always walk on the shoulder:
With the traffic flow
Facing the traffic flow
Going in any direction you choose
None of the answers is correct

12. True or False: How quickly other drugs reach the bloodstream varies depending upon how the drug is put into the system and the type of drug, the age of the user, and the weight of the user.

13. __________ are one of the deadliest types of intersections.
Four way stops
Railroad crossings
Flashing yellow lights

14. True or False: Caffeine and other energy boosters can be used to effectively compensate for fatigue.

15. Microsleep is ___________________.
Unpredictable and only avoided with rest
Most likely to occur in the morning
Avoided by less alcohol
A good way to catch up on your rest while waiting for a long light

16. True or False: Impaired individuals believe their judgment is fine, or perhaps better than normal.

17. ____________ of a license is defined as a formal action to terminate a license.

18. True or False: You cannot be charged with DUI for driving under the influence of legal prescription medication.

19. Addictions may _______________ friends and family.
Bring together

20. ________ is a common clue to law enforcement that a driver is impaired.
Honking the horn
Driving in a straight line
Showing the right-of-way

21. True or False: Driving a motor vehicle after taking substances which alter the central nervous system can have side effects which include impaired attention, reaction time, and vision.

22. Even as a sober driver, you should remain aware of behavior of driver who may be __________.
Overly aggressive

23. The first time you are caught in violation of the minimum drinking age law, you will be convicted of a second degree misdemeanor which can include up to _________ days in jail.

24. When driving in rain the road becomes the most slippery:
After it has rained for 20 minutes
Right after it starts to rain
When the wind is blowing at least 25 mph
Just after the rain quits

25. True or False: Multiple lane changes must be done individually, going through the same procedures for each lane change.

26. In Florida, refusal to submit to testing (second offense) results in ______________.
A 6 month suspension
A license revocation
An 18 month suspension
A 30 day suspension

27. True or False: Time of day is also a factor that increases everyone's risk.

28. The most dramatic effects of cocaine on driving are _____________.
On higher anxiety levels
On vision
On irritability
Possible seizures

29. Which of the following is the correct minimum coverage that you must have for Bodily Injury Liability for two or more persons?

30. Driving a motor vehicle often requires __________ reaction time.

31. A person charged with DUI is often viewed by society as reckless and selfish. The record of the offense stays on their driving record ________________.
Until the court costs are met
For a lifetime
Three to five years, depending if the charge is the first or second offense
Five years

32. __________are one of the many seriously damaging effects of alcohol.
Brain disorders
Migraine headaches
Weakened joints
Chronic colds

33. If you see a curb painted blue it designates:
A parking zone for the disabled
An area where brief stops are allowed
A loading zone
A no parking area

34. Different beverages may be absorbed at slightly different rates because of __________.
The time of day
The drink's size
The drinker's size
The drink's chemical make-up

35. __________ are all signs that a driver may be impaired.
Traveling in the wrong lane, running stop lights, and weaving from side to side
Traveling in the wrong lane, speeding, and expired license plates
Traveling in the wrong lane, making a left-hand turn, and failure to signal
Traveling in the wrong lane, burnt taillights, and speeding

36. True or False: It is illegal to park in a location that you block or create a hazard for other vehicles.

37. The acronym BAL stands for:
Blood Alcohol Level
Body Alcohol Limit
Blood Alcohol Limit
Body Alcohol Level

38. True or False: It is legal for you to follow closely behind any fire engine, police car, ambulance, or other emergency vehicle with a siren or flashing lights.

39. Generally, children under __________ and about 1 year of age should ride in a safety seat secured to the back seat, facing the rear of the vehicle.
50 pounds
30 pounds
20 pounds
40 pounds

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