Florida Drug and Alcohol test traffic school course for Learners Permit / driver's license is approved by Florida DMV. Complete your A.D.A.P.T.-Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training, TLSAE- traffic law and substance abuse education, D.A.T.A- Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Awareness Course, also known as the Florida first time drivers ed course online, go for DHSMV exam and pass it, and obtain your Florida Learner's Permit. Start learning how to drive safely on road.

TLSAE Course / Florida Learner's Permit, Drug and Alcohol Test

1. Studies have found that a person is most likely to be involved in a fatal crash with an impaired driver during the hours of ________________.
3:00 and 6:00 p.m.
1:00 and 3:00 a.m.
Noon and 3:00 p.m.
7:00 and 10:00 p.m.

2. Alcohol can increase __________.
Reaction time

3. Alcohol in excess of ________-proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach.

4. Unless otherwise posted, in Florida, the speed limit for most municipal areas is __________.
40 mph
25 mph
45 mph
30 mph

5. True or False: In terms of percent, whiskey has more alcohol than wine.

6. Most people who drove after the use of drugs were using __________.
Pain Killers

7. Your license will be revoked if you are found guilty of not stopping to give help when the vehicle you are driving is involved in a crash causing ____________.
Death or personal injury
A major traffic delay during rush hour
Damage to another vehicle
Damage of $500 or more

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8. Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes take the lives of our friends or family every _____________ minutes.

9. Which of the following is the correct minimum coverage that you must have for Bodily Injury Liability for two or more persons?

10. Alcohol, or any other drug which reduces the supply of oxygen in the bloodstream, can impair the sensitivity of the cones which, in turn____________.
Reduces the visual acuity or sharpness
Makes oncoming headlights seem especially dull
Makes parking more difficult
Compensates for the lack of street lights on country roads

11. Different beverages may be absorbed at slightly different rates because of __________.
The time of day
The drink’s chemical make-up
The drinker’s size
The drink’s size

12. True or False: Alcohol has to be broken down by the digestive system.

13. Where could you legally park in the state of Florida?
Within 10 feet of a railroad crossing
Next to a curb in a residential neighborhood
Within 30 feet of any flashing signal, stop sign, or traffic signal
In front of a driveway

14. True or False: Tailgating, or following too closely, is an example of aggressive driving.

15. You should check your tire pressure __________.
Every day
Only every six months
Every week

16. Most skids are caused by drivers traveling ____________________.
In the wrong direction
In a reckless manner
Too fast for conditions
On a grassy surface

17. When driving in rain the road becomes the most slippery:
After it has rained for 20 minutes
Right after it starts to rain
When the wind is blowing at least 25 mph
Just after the rain quits

18. __________ is defined as a state of periodic or chronic impairment detrimental to the individual and society.
A hangover

19. Air bags are designed to deploy only under certain conditions, usually in the event of a __________.
Fender bender
Rear end collision
Multiple car collision
Fairly severe frontal collision

20. If you see an emergency vehicle approaching either from the front or rear you should:
Pull over to the curb and stop
Speed up and out run the emergency vehicle
Let the vehicle pass then match their speed
Stop right where you are

21. At four-way stops, the ______ vehicle to stop should move forward first.

22. Florida law requires that motorcycles must always be operated with _________.
A windshield of some type
Roll bars
The headlight on
A muffler system

23. The proper positioning of a head restraint can reduce injuries to your:
Lumbar area
Jaw area

24. True or False: If necessary, your blood may be drawn in DUI cases involving serious bodily injury or death by authorized medical personnel with the use of

reasonable force by the arresting officer, even if you, as the driver, refuse.

25. How many days does a driver have to request a formal or informal review of the suspension?
30 days after the date of issuance
10 days after the date of issuance
14 days after the date of issuance
2 days after the date of issuance

26. DUI conviction penalties include imprisonment, impounding of your vehicle, __________________, and a felony conviction.
Community service
Public humiliation
Seizure of license plate
Installation of an interlock device

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