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TLSAE Course / Florida Permit, Drug and Alcohol Test 12

Alcohol is a ___________
A. depressant.
B. muscle relaxer.
C. Both A and B

LSD can make a person __________
A. have illusions and hallucinations.
B. sleep better.
C. feel more perceptive.

You can maintain a proper following distance by __________
A. always driving in the far right lane.
B. never exceeding the speed limit.
C. using the three second rule.

____________ keep people from doing things they know are dangerous
A. Inhibitions
B. Individual personalities
C. Neither of the above

People who have been drinking tend to ___________ their ability to tolerate alcohol.
A. understand
B. underestimate
C. overestimate

A drug user who reports "hearing" colors and "seeing" sounds has most likely used ___________
B. speed.
C. stimulants.

Older drivers with a lot of driving experience are usually not at risk for a crash if they drink a small amount and drive.
A. True
B. False

Which of the following statements is false? Your driving record __________
A. can be checked by your insurance company.
B. cannot be accessed by anyone except the an official public agency.
C. keeps track of all your tickets and crashes.

Which of the following will remove alcohol from your system?
A. Coffee
B. Dancing
C. Time

Hallucinogens do not affect a person's perception, thinking, emotions and self awareness.

Alcohol impaired driving is one of America's most-often-committed and deadliest crimes.

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Which of the following is not available to the public?
A. Record of your mental health.
B. Record of all your violations and crashes.
C. Record of impaired driving convictions.

High doses of alcohol can lead to blackouts involving amnesia.
A. True
B. False

___________ happens when people cross that line and drink or use drugs at a level that causes problems in one or more areas of their lives.
A. Alcoholism
B. Complications
C. Abuse

Withdrawal from heavy barbiturate or alcohol use after a very long period of use has a high risk of death.
A. True
B. False

Driving/Operating under the influence means driving __________
A. impaired by alcohol.
B. under the effects of a drug.
C. either of the above

Leaving the scene of a collision causing more than $50 in damage will result in __________
A. lower insurance premiums.
B. two points assessed against your record.
C. six points assessed against your record.

Drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short time can kill you.
A. True
B. False

When stopped behind a school bus you cannot continue moving until __________
A. you cannot see any more children getting on or off the bus.
B. you access to a passing lane.
C. the bus stops flashing its red light and (if applicable) withdraws its stop sign.

A pool of standing water could be hiding __________
A. flash flood currents that could sweep your car away.
B. deep sinkholes.
C. all of the above.

Under Florida law, a driver can refuse to submit to a test for alcohol or drugs without any consequence.
A. True
B. False

Stimulants can cause ___________ and physical collapse.
A. excess hair growth on the face and neck
B. extreme hallucinations
C. an irregular heartbeat

The chances of being involved in an auto collision once a year are __________
A. 1 in 25.
B. 1 in 100.
C. 1 in 250.