Florida Drug and Alcohol test traffic school course for Learners Permit / driver's license is approved by Florida DMV. Complete your A.D.A.P.T.-Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training, TLSAE- traffic law and substance abuse education, D.A.T.A- Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Awareness Course, also known as the Florida first time drivers ed course online, go for DHSMV exam and pass it, and obtain your Florida Learner's Permit. Start learning how to drive safely on road.

TLSAE Course / Florida Permit, Drug and Alcohol Test 5

1. Alcohol is a stimulant.

2. Country roads __________
A. are easy to drive as city streets.
B. may require a different driving approach.
C. are always wide open with very little danger from other users.

3. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can cause you to get drunk faster.
A. True
B. False

4. A parking brake system is not required if your service brakes are fully functional.

5. The best safety feature for preventing whiplash is the __________
A. Seatbelt.
B. Headrest.
C. Airbag.
6. The first area of the brain affected by alcohol is the area that controls ___________
A. judgment.
B. inhibitions.
C. Both A and B

7. The combination of other depressants and alcohol ___________
A. will cancel each other out.
B. can multiply the effects of the drugs and alcohol, increasing the risks.
C. will lead to a state of pleasant euphoria.

8. A drug user who has developed a high tolerance to a drug could take an overdose large enough to cause death.
A. True
B. False

9. Under Florida law, a driver who refuses to submit to a test for alcohol or drugs will lose his/her license for ___________
A. 90 days.
B. six months.
C. one year.

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10. An aggressive driver is defined as __________
A. an inattentive driver.
B. a high risk driver.
C. a slow driver.

11. No one starts using drugs with the intention of becoming a drug addict.
A. True
B. False

12. Many teens think that the rate of drug and alcohol use among their peers is much lower than it actually is.
A. True
B. False

13. The estimated cost to America for traffic crashes caused by underage drinkers is more than ___________ billion dollars per year.
A. 10
B. 5
C. 1

14. Drug or alcohol addiction is a chronic, relapsing illness.

15. Which of the following statements define drug abuse?
A. Drinks or uses drugs moderately
B. Drinks or uses drugs excessively
C. none of the above

16. Alcohol is classified as a drug.

17. 458. There is the same amount of alcohol in a glass of wine, can of beer and a shot of liquor.

18. If you are involved in a collision and you do not stop at the scene, you may lawfully keep driving as long as there is no injury.

19. BAC stands for __________
A. Basic Alcohol Consumption.
B. Basic Alcohol Comprehension.
C. Blood Alcohol Concentration

20. More than ______ of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol.
A. 25%
B. 30%
C. 80%

21. When driving in fog or snow, __________
A. use your high beams.
B. use your low beams.
C. drive at the posted speed limit.

22. At least 19,000 people per year die from illicit drug use and related ___________
A. AIDS complications.
B. violence.
C. suicides.

23. Those addicted to drugs and alcohol should be able to easily quit their drug use if they just make a decision to quit.
A. True
B. False

24. Students over the age of 14 who accumulate ___________unexcused absences in a period of 90 calendar days be ineligible to receive or maintain driving privileges.
A. 10
B. 15
C. 20

25. A pedestrian crossing sign is an example of a regulatory sign.

26. If someone is killed or injured in crash, a blood sample can be taken from you against your will.
A. True
B. False

27. ____________ keep people from doing things they know are dangerous
A. Inhibitions
B. Individual personalities
C. Neither of the above

28. The law that says you must submit to a test for the presence of alcohol or drugs is known as the ___________ law.
A. drug testing
B. implied consent

29. Hydroplaning may occur when __________
A. you drive over water.
B. you drive over dust.
C. you drive in snow.

30. A visually impaired or blind pedestrian can be recognized by their use of a __________
A. flashing strobe light on their belt.
B. red and white striped cane.
C. white cane.

31. Which of the following will remove alcohol from your system?
A. Coffee
B. Dancing
C. Time

32. When people become addicted to alcohol or drugs, there is a cost in __________
A. loss of trust among family members.
B. loss of friendships.
C. Both A and B

33. You may lose your driver’s license if you accumulate too many points on your driving record.

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