Florida Drug and Alcohol test traffic school course for Learners Permit / driver's license is approved by Florida DMV. Complete your A.D.A.P.T.-Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training, TLSAE- traffic law and substance abuse education, D.A.T.A- Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Awareness Course, also known as the Florida first time drivers ed course online, go for DHSMV exam and pass it, and obtain your Florida Learner's Permit. Start learning how to drive safely on road.

TLSAE course final exam answers

TLSAE final exam Questions & Answers

What does the acronym D.A.T.A. stand for?
Understand the effects of _____________ and other drugs on the human body.
Learn how fast alcohol and other drugs are ____________ into the body and what effects this has on the body.
Learn how to deal with _______________ and emotional distress while driving.
Learn what the legal and economic cost to _____________ is as a result of drug abuse.
Learn how alcohol and other drugs can affect your ___________ skills.
Learn the _______ laws, some basic traffic laws and the situations where your driving privilege will be suspended, revoked, or cancelled.
Learn the DUI laws, some basic traffic laws and the situations where your driving privilege will be suspended, revoked, or _____________.
Learn how to adjust your driving in relationship to your _______________.

Module 1: _________________ Factors
What letter does the ph sound like in this word?

Subject 4 - comparison of the effects of different types of drugs. Specifically, antihistamines, pain relievers, tranquilizers, hallucinogens, ____________________ and narcotics.

Subject 5 - ______________ effects of the combination of alcohol and other drugs.
Subject 6 - Equivalency of drinks. One 12 oz. Beer, one 5 oz. Wine or one 1.5 oz shot of 80- proof whiskey. Warning about the multi-shot specialty drinks like long _____________ ice tea and higher proof drinks containing more alcohol.
Subject 7 - the physiological aspects of use, abuse, _____________ and addiction.
Subject 8 - warning that this applies to legal ______________ medicines as well as over the counter medications. Also, be sure to check the legal prescription medicines as well as over the counter medicines or consult with your doctor for the affect of these drugs on the driving task.
Subject 9 - effective ways to deal with stress, _____________, emotional distress and appropriate positive driver attitude.

Module 3: ______________ factors
What letter does the ps sound like in the word above?(The p is silent)
Subject 1 - the psychological aspects of use, abuse, ____________ and addiction.
Subject 2 - cost of addictions, __________ of friends and family and loss of job.
Subject 3 - personal ___________ costs and legal problems
Subject 4 - loss of judgement, many people who are intoxicated don't think they are ____________.
Subject 5 - alcohol as a ___________ drug.
Subject 6 - positive versus negative coping skills, the choice to use alcohol in the first place, the compounding of problems with the use of alcohol and other drugs (depressed person using alcohol and other drugs as an ___________ mechanism, only making problems worse)

Subject 1 - alcohol and other drug abuse on the judgement of the driver of a motor _________and the order of the effects.
Subject 2 - alcohol and other drug abuse on the motor skills (reaction time and _____________ coordination) and vision of the driver of a motor vehicle.
Subject 3 - category of drugs and how they affect the ___________ task.
Subject 4 - when does impairment begin on the driver of a motor vehicle motor skills and vision. As use increases, ability to ____________operate a motor vehicle decreases.
Subject 5 - ways to avoid driving ________________.

Subject 1 - alcohol and other drug abuse on the judgement of the ____________ of a motor vehicle and the order of the effects.
Subject 2 - zero tolerance, implied consent, ________________drinking age (it is illegal for most of the people in the class to have or consume alcohol) progressive dui laws.
Subject 3 - point system, suspension, cancellation, revocation and disqualification of your driving ______________.
Subject 4 - safety equipment, seat belts, child restraint, air bags and the drivers responsibility to ensure that all safety _________________ is used in accordance with the law.

Subject 5 - basic driving laws, railroad crossings, ___________ buses and emergency vehicles.
Subject 6 - basic driving laws explaining the concepts of speed adjustment in relation to surroundings, including school and construction zones, speed laws and adjusting your speed to be _____________ for existing conditions.
Subject 7 - additional ______________

What is the minimum amount of hours you must spend taking this course, no matter how fast you read?
...the system will store the _________ time you have spent so far.

How many people died on our roadways in 2011?
This is a required question
How many people are being killed every day on our roadways?
One person dies on our roads every ____ minutes.
How many people will die on the roadways in the United States while you are reading this program?
How many people die on Florida's roads every day?
Drivers who ______ ________________ to the driving task can decrease the danger of driving.

How many questions are on this questionnaire?
What is the only thing that prevents absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream?
Is alcohol a central nervous system stimulant or depressant?
Is marijuana a stimulant or depressant?
What is the blood alcohol level (BAC) that is presumed to cause impairment?
What type of alcoholic beverage can cause a person to become a problem drinker?
What driving skills does marijuana affect?
How many drinks can your liver eliminate in one hour?

Alcohol reduces the ability of the eyes to distinguish ___________.
What is the only thing that can sober up a person who has been drinking?
What does alcohol do to the skills necessary to drive?

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