Florida Drug and Alcohol test traffic school course for Learners Permit / driver's license is approved by Florida DMV. Complete your A.D.A.P.T.-Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training, TLSAE- traffic law and substance abuse education, D.A.T.A- Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Awareness Course, also known as the Florida first time drivers ed course online, go for DHSMV exam and pass it, and obtain your Florida Learner's Permit. Start learning how to drive safely on road.

TLSAE Course / Florida Learner's Permit Test 1

Girls who drink are more susceptible to sexual assault.
A. True
B. False

The ability to obtain a driver's license and drive a car is a ___________
A. right.
B. privilege.
C. Neither of the above.

The amount of tar inhaled and the level of carbon monoxide absorbed by marijuana smokers is ___________tobacco smokers
A. about the same as that of
B. double that of
C. three to five times greater than by

When driving in a fog or snow, you should use your high beams.

You must place a child in an approved child seat if the child is __________
A. three years of age and under.
B. under nine years of age.
C. under 60 pounds.

A diamond lane on the freeway __________
A. can be used if you are transporting pets or cages.
B. indicates a High Occupancy Vehicle Lane.
C. is used only for emergency vehicles.

The economic cost to society each year from crashes and injuries on US highways is about 230 Billion dollars.

Tolerance means that to get the same high, the person needs to drink more alcohol or take more drugs.
A. True
B. False

Alcohol does not influence your choices.
A. True
B. False

Ethanol is a __________
A. mood altering drug.
B. stimulant.
C. narcotic.

Airbags will deploy no matter from what angle your car is hit.
A. True
B. False

If a drug user stops taking a drug and the body fails to function normally because it has adjusted to compensate for the presence of the drug that user is experiencing __________
A. dependence.
B. withdrawal.
C. tolerance.

Warning signs are normally __________
A. white.
B. red.
C. yellow.

Depressants are very similar to the effects of alcohol.

A drug user who is experiencing a "flashback" has probably used ___________
A. speed.
C. downers.

You could face mandatory revocation of your license as a result of __________
A. lying about ownership of your vehicle.
B. driving 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit.
C. a child restraint violation.

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If you start to skid, you should apply a quick pumping motion to your brakes if you have anti-lock brakes.

Alcohol contains __________
A. ethanol.
B. gasoline.
C. opiates.

The crash risk for teenage drivers ___________ with one, two, or three or more passengers.
A. decreases
B. remains about the same
C. increases incrementally

Country roads __________
A. are easy to drive as city streets.
B. may require a different driving approach.
C. are always wide open with very little danger from other users.

The estimated cost to America for traffic crashes caused by underage drinkers is more than ___________ billion dollars per year.
A. 10
B. 5
C. 1

Welcome to Yellowstone Park is an example of a __________ sign.
A. regulatory
B. warning
C. guide

Students over the age of 14 who accumulate ___________unexcused absences in a period of 90 calendar days be ineligible to receive or maintain driving privileges.
A. 10
B. 15
C. 20

People who have been drinking tend to ___________ their ability to tolerate alcohol.
A. understand
B. underestimate
C. overestimate

Alcohol is considered a gateway drug because:
A. When people drink, their judgment diminishes, and their ability to make good choices is impaired.
B. Under the influence of alcohol, people get more daring and more willing to try things they would never try if they didn't drink.
C. Both A and B

The best safety feature for preventing whiplash is the __________
A. Seatbelt.
B. Headrest.
C. Airbag.

The first area of the brain affected by alcohol is the area that controls ___________
A. judgment.
B. inhibitions.
C. Both A and B

It is safe to use your bright headlights if there is a car ahead of you within 300 feet.

The combination of other depressants and alcohol ___________
A. will cancel each other out.
B. can multiply the effects of the drugs and alcohol, increasing the risks.
C. will lead to a state of pleasant euphoria.

Warning signs are usually _____-shaped.
A. circle
B. triangle
C. diamond